Building the Ultimate Athlete


Group Personal Training “GPT”:  


At ASP we offer Group Personal Training “GPT”. GPT is for adults seeking to lose weight, reduce body fat, build strength, reduce injury rates, and improve conditioning. This camp is an effective and unique alternative to typical boot camps. Get the feeling of personal training, in a small group setting.  

*Limit 15 participants per session

*Group classes offered Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 a.m.


Team Training:


Whether it is football, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer or swimming, let us help improve the performance of your entire team. We will take your entire team through a comprehensive training program that includes proper warm ups, flexibility, mobility, plyometrics, strength, speed, agility and conditioning training. 

*Contact one of our coaches if you are interested in getting your team trained.


High School Performance Training: (ages 14-18)


This program is designed to improve the overall athleticism of each athlete. After assessing your current training condition we will design a program to improve your athletic performance based on the assessment results, sport, and goals. Each workout will include the following areas: movement preparation, warm ups, soft tissue work, mobility, flexibility, core development, strength, power, conditioning, and injury prevention.

*Classes offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30


Youth Performance Training: (ages 10-13)


Our highly successful youth performance classes give young athletes a jump start on the competition. Proper movement patterns should be learned at a young age to help athletes develop properly and to reduce injury rates. Each workout will include the following areas: linear and lateral speed and agility skills, flexibility, coordination, core development, and strength training technique.

* Contact one of our coaches if you are interested


Speed and Agility Training:


Speed and agility can play a large difference in wins and losses. In this class, learn proper running form and technique to accelerate your game. Each workout will include the following area: running form, acceleration/deceleration, change of direction skills, and speed and agility drills.

* Contact one of our coaches if you are interested