Studio Alpha

Personal Trainer Code of Conduct

Our Personal Trainers will adhere to the following:


1.  We shall be responsible for providing information and services that are consistent with our level of education and training, without exceeding the limitations of our scope of  practice.


2.  We shall hold confidential all privileged information, which shall not be  released to a third party without consent of the client, unless required by law.


3.  We shall be professional and comply with all policies and procedures of  Studio Alpha, our affiliated professional organizations, and applicable local, state, and  federal laws.


4.  We shall never directly or indirectly misrepresent our professional credentials, skills, training, identity, or services.


5.  We will never participate in any form of conduct that may constitute a conflict of interest or misrepresent the professionalism of Studio Alpha.


6. We shall not participate in any arrangement that exploits the client,  nor will we  place financial gain above the welfare of the client.


7.  We will never discriminate against any client based on race, religion, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, or ability/disability.


8.  Excluding emergencies, trainers will contact their clients within 24hrs to cancel an appointment.  If we are more than 10 minutes late to a 30 minute session or 15 minutes late to an hour session, and cannot still provide the full session thereafter, it is the clients right to ask for and receive the session without charge.


9.  Trainers will wait a minimum of 10 minutes for a scheduled 30 minute session and 15 minutes for a 60 minute session for clients.  After this time frame, trainers are not obliged to stay and the client may be charged for the session as a “no-show” (each trainer is responsible for providing their personal policy on cancellations to their client).