Celebrating 15+ Years!

We like to think we kind of started it all...




In the spring of 2003, we opened a mere 1000 square feet space staffed by owners and personal trainers Marty and Lovena Tuley and Lorrie Belcher.  Lawrence's first stand alone, personal training facility.  The original Studio Alpha was actually called The X Factor, a name we used for our first year of operations. After one year with business booming, we found ourselves in need of more space.  So we moved two doors down, doubled our square footage and changed our name to Studio Alpha.


All was well for about another year but business continued booming and we once again found ourselves in need of more real estate.  We took over the space next door and once again doubled our square footage - bringing us to our current 4,000 square feet. 


Where will Studio Alpha be in another fifteen years?  Who knows, but we promise to keep the "personal" in Personal Training. Thanks to all our friends, family, and clients that have made this ongoing success possible.